The Top-Evolved-Youman Vision

Memoir of a Modern Mystic

“Those who walk empty handed and know that clay, sand and stone can be turned into bread, wine and pure gold, are the really wealthy Souls. The whole universe is their inheritance and all of humanity, their sacred family with who they share the same Cosmic Genome.”

*Cosmic Pilgrim*

A Maverick Mystic’ Explorations

The human-genus, which each of we as attending Souls obtained as our individual accommodation in this earthly density, is now cosmically completed. All components of this biological ‘hardware’ are optimal enhanced for the most ideal level of functioning; of course merely on behalf of the residing Soul within.

We nominate this phase of the human-genus as that of it being top-evolved. This pragmatic reckoning resulted in our ‘Top-Evolved-Youman Vision’. The next phase in our (awakening Soul’ advanced) maturing can begin. We nominate the required individual endeavors for that, to be our ‘Pilgrimation’. Innately is every person now fully prepared for their ultimate achievements; either way they choose to head for.

In the current phase of vivacity on this living Earth, are increasing numbers of youngsters, adults and elderly, male and female, across all creeds, cultures and continents, awakening as the celestial Soul within their human-embodiment.

As awakening Souls we begin to realize that all options for our advanced maturing are to be found within this neatly interlinked terrestrial body-spirit-Soul edifice; in which we are submerged for merely a fleeting stay-time
on this living Earth.
*Cosmic Pilgrim*

Keepers of perennial-wisdom acknowledged the human-genus as our transitory, earthbound embodiment and mentioned it as our vessel; meant for our physical activities on planet Earth. Because this human-body has many more functions for our morphing and maturing as celestial Souls, I nominate it to be our incubator here.

This divinely planned incubator is now completed/top-evolved. Our ascension from immanent Sparkling to alert stakeholders and caretakers of God’ grand creation can now advance all the way; and the result practiced right here in this terrestrial fellow-human-ship.

The processes for this inner transmogrification are in prior teachings equated with the metamorphosis of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. However, their transmutation is a genetically, pure organic process.

The actual transition (still in the incubator) of our self-awareness as an earthbound human-being, into that of a celestial Soul’ presence, perceptions and extending potentials is far more demanding; from every seeker who have reached the threshold of ‘I am a spiritual being, now with a human’ obligation here’. They need sufficient courage, confident and consistent endeavoring to keep advancing.

The practices, inner processes and valid protocols ought to be endeavored individually, vigilantly and wisely; from both layers of our extending capacities; physical, mental and more as the advanced maturing human-being and metaphysical as the further awakening celestial Soul within.

Top-Evolved-Youman Vision

my pleasure to meet you
Be You

As I am observing this world from a cosmic perspective, I see that Mother Earth, the cosmic womb for biological life-forms is releasing her amniotic fluids. She has reached the verge of a new planetary epoch. Her nourishing and nurturing Nature is rapidly shifting. All of her offspring and attendants are forced out of their comfort-zones; with only their inherent sacred belongings as their properties. These representatives of transcending-Soul-capacities, are now around the planet on drift; as is the whole of Earth’s atmosphere and environment.
However, from this same cosmic perspective, I also perceive that while they are chased out of their homes, by oppression, detonating bombs and bullets, floods, fires, viruses and tornadoes, there is unprecedented upgrading taking place within their accelerated expanding mind-spaces. On their forging Pilgrimation they begin to discover, nugget after nugget, the Gold of their cosmic Soul; of which they were completely oblivious; till now. While they keep heading for a new horizon, the sun of Youmanity is rising within them.

Mother Earth has finished her motherhood duties successfully. The evolutionary processes for the development of biological and organic life-forms, with our human-embodiment on top of all, are finished. Every fabric, component, energy-generators, capacitor, devices, processors, mechanism etc. of our, now top-evolved human-being are completed; exactly as per God’s perfect Plan & Design. The time has come for we, the awakening sacred Souls within these perfected human-vessels, to take over the control over the dated body-mind-spirit and become active as such; with extending sentience and intelligence.

In this process of inner rebirthing and brightening awareness of our sovereign cosmic-presence, we can wakefully start with practicing and utilizing our extending features and faculties; right here in this intensifying earthly atmosphere. Is this not the reason why you have returned to this, now globalizing fellow-human-ship on this living planet Earth.

Like futuristic phoenixes, rising from the ashes of old worlds, we are ready now, to know, in the simplest wording, what previously was named unknowable.
Free from all preprogrammed drives, dynamics and motivations, we notice the finer details which earlier on trespassed our initial-human-sentience unnoticed.
Now we notice increasingly vividly, what we previously only intuited as extending-layers of the human-potentialities; which so-far were named to be invincible for the organic human-eye.

Our top-evolved embodiments are finally fully prepared to comfortably deal with all of these newly incoming facts, facets and faculties; in the first place of our own combined human-spirit-Soul presence, personality and potentialities. With such extending self-awareness we soon recognize the same in everyone else; and realize that we are all identical in our core.

My friend, do you recall that remolding this old world of separation and destructive striving for supremacy, into a harmonious community which is well balanced for All, is the assignment that we came for; as common fellow-humans in this transitory time-space here?
All the combined, epoch after epoch made efforts to complete this Perfect Youman as per God’s perfect Design, cannot go wasted! This is the ultimate vessel in which we, sacred Souls can fully awaken and transcend our sentience and intelligence optimal; and find our way back to our early play-grounds and actual inheritance.
Are you ready for the next phase of our human-presence; and activate our Soul’s potentials for our cosmic purpose? Supporting and synergizing one another’s efforts will generate unprecedented drives and dynamics to accomplish every subsequent step which each of we will be taking on behalf of the Whole of Life; which stretches far out into the universes.

On ground-level we have current science, research and technology on our side. We can easily extend our relevant knowledge and communicate these across all languages; to fuse our visions and find consent for how to proceed on our metaphysical Pilgrimation. When we also succeed in elucidating the path and passage of the Soul, in fair language, everybody will joyfully participate with their daily deeds and doings and as such synergize this, then regenerating and transcending New Planet Earth. Passionately being active in such an empathic and compassionate fellow-human-ship with everyone else will soon become the new life-style here.

Wakefully in control over our Soul’s super-compounded capacities and inherent skills, we are ready for our personal mission here; besides taking care of our daily duties as fellow-attendants of this Boarding Nursery, School and Academy Earth.

*Cosmic Pilgrim*

Always Shine your Light with a Smile
You are always Beautiful