A Maverick Mystic

Memoir of a Modern Mystic

Awakening Soul

There is no science and research
focused on life and existence
more elucidating and innovating
than our own inner explorations.

From: ‘The Pilgrimation

Welcome my friend,

this website ‘Topevolvedyouman.vision’ is my effort to connect globally with everyone who is on their inner Pilgrimage, regardless one’s age, race, religion and geographical situation. Together we can word and communicate our full innate powers, potentialities and possibilities as awakening Souls here; while being active as alert stakeholders in this fellow-human-ship on planet Earth.

*Records and Reminders of a Cosmic Pilgrim*

The Author: a Maverick Mystic

Prelude: All prospects for our Top-Evolved-Youman Vision are derived from the personal observation, experiences and explorations inwards as well outwards, of Armand A Sadhoe. AA Sadhoe was born in a small city on the NE coast of South-America; enclosed by Amazonian rain-forests. He is now seventy-one years of age, father of five children and five grandchildren. To express his overall self-awareness in one nomination, he chose ‘Cosmic Pilgrim’ as his pseudonym.

Cosmic Pilgrim began his stay-time here as every average son who’ both parents were successful, and as such very busy entrepreneurs. While growing up in their comfy household he had his common school-education; up to attending a university for architecture abroad.In those years of his physical, mental and more maturing he also had many hobbies like playing checkers, chess and card-games with his six siblings at home, next to athletics and martial-arts outdoors.

Yet, reading whatever he got on hand was and remained his main passion; to fill in every vacant minute before falling asleep. So, wherever he went, whatever he did, ‘reading’ also the persons around and further out, was his unavoidable compulsion. Looking back at that attitude he speaks of ‘collecting data about Earthly life and mind like crazy’.

Since his early years he intuitively held on to the famous advise: see everything, hear everything and avoid frictions with others by keeping your mouth shut.

This approach made him an anxious introvert who would rather withdraw in his inner worlds; yet he had to push on with his intuited quest in the dense and for him, intense outer worlds. The image of ‘the human’ which he mystically was born with, was completely different from that of the human-beings who he was observing around. From early age on his inquisitive, pragmatic mind was determined to grasp the disparity between these two images. Soon enough he realized that articulating his pre-worded in-sights was a huge challenge; and he had no one around to contemplate these in depth. So, he quietly focused on determining the components which the human is assembled with and the thus far activated and utilized capabilities; while he was growing up and maturing as one of them himself. His personal observations and examinations inwards as this highly sophisticated, multi-layered organic-plus fellow-human, have for him been the only reliable feedback. He kept diving and exploring deeper and deeper within.

Later on he apprehended that all of his efforts had been on the course of his first and ever forwards thrusting query at the age of three: ‘Why am I here?’ Finding an answer on ‘Why am I here?’ compelled him to neatly study and articulate the ‘I’ and the ‘Here’ first and only then seek for the ultimate ‘Why’. And for ‘Here’ to have solid ground it had to be linked neatly with ‘There’ for which he was so profoundly homesick.

Besides all his activities in this physical world, he was regularly shifting into more subtle, metaphysical realms of presences, awareness, communication and understanding. Since his earliest human-memories he namely was familiar with many of them. Some visited him as informants and then left, while a few stayed close to his heart as his ever guarding and guiding companions. Commonly they are known as Angels, spirit-guides and alike.

While he grew up, additional aptitudes which are nowadays known as paranormal, mystical and metaphysical phenomena, had surfaced in his self-awareness as a human-presence and potentials. To name a couple; telepathy, clairvoyance, photographic-memory, psychic kinesis, out of body expeditions/remote viewing and alike. After decades of personally using and analyzing the related drives and dynamics, fields and energies, he nominate these capacities to be the naturally extending features and faculties of every advanced maturing person.

Along the decades of his endeavors to explore, word and cognize the bigger picture of God’ grand creation, and the place of the human-genus herein, he has compiled an extended database with his personal findings and conclusions. He named this collection of practical prospects, the ‘Records and Reminders of a Cosmic Pilgrim’.

Now, at the age of seventy-one, he has begun with publishing selections from these files. Since each contains mainly his personal notions and in-sights, he presents the planned series as his memoir. The first selection is already out and spreading fast. The second selection is being composed and will soon also become available.

The included practical prospects are meant for sincere seekers who, starter or advanced, have since a certain point in their self-awareness, this same deep inner query of ‘Why am I (now as this awakening Soul yet still) here?’ This profound enquiry is also articulated as ‘What is my (as the awakening Soul within) higher purpose for being a fellow-human (during this short while) on this living Earth?


Cosmic reminder:When we awaken as the attending Soul within this transitory yet highly advanced human-body, no detail, drive and ongoing dynamics in God’ grand Creation remains spiritual, esoteric, hidden or ineffable in any way.” *Cosmic Pilgrim*

Our Objective:

Our objective is to engage, across all disciplines, with our Sacred Life’ Science and articulate the findings in the best simplified manner. The three main sections are: 1: Before becoming a human on Earth. 2: While being a fellow-human here. 3: After-Earth, when we move on.

“When we awaken as the celestial Soul within this terrestrial body-spirit-Soul edifice, there is no detail, drive and ongoing dynamics in God’ grand Creation which remain hidden or ineffable in any way. Indeed! However, for properly articulating these extended, for ages neglected perceptions, cognizance and human-capacities, we need to extend our linguistic tools, replace or upgrade outmoded definitions and meanings and construct a neat network between all used words and concepts. Such a quest requires heart to heart communication and cooperation with open minds from all creeds, cultures and continents.”
Cosmic Pilgrim

Our initial focus is thus: Sympathizing, supporting and synergizing every person who commits to apprehending their further unfolding aptitudes and higher purpose as a self-managing body-spirit-Soul edifice here.

Q: What is the first sign that a person is awakening as an attending Soul and student on YouCademy Earth?
A: Every awakening person has a sudden or slowly crystalizing sense that they are spiritual beings, now with a human’ obligation on this living planet Earth.

Q: What happens when such a person advances with their awakening?
A: They recognize that their stay-time in this fellow-human-ship is a highly sophisticated workshop for a tidier awareness of their perpetual presence, perceptions and potentials. Angels and other celestial assistance become available whenever sincerely requested.

Are you also at the verge of rising alike a Phoenix/the Avoided within, out from the ashes of outmoded mind-clouds?

Our Invitation

Join one another here for an adventurous Pilgrimation and together mastering the fullest capacities for our perpetual success.

Our focus is on engaging with pure practical prospects which are acquired from personal explorations and observations; going deep inwards as a body-spirit-Soul edifice and far outwards into the territories of cosmic vivacity.

You are also invited to share your personal in-sights and evaluations of your (an awakening Soul’) stay-time here, with all of we who are also heading for the new horizons of our extending presence, perceptions and potentials.


Practice Creativity Together