Book 01

Memoir of a Modern Mystic

Our Sacred Life’

Science Simplified

Selection 01

‘So far we have used our planetary learning-loop;
from and into the past. Now that we are top-evolved
we face the challenge to convert this learning loop
into a co-creating loop; from and towards a new future.’

*AA Sadhoe*

Practical Prospects from a Modern Mystic

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Do you also have this self-awareness that you are a metaphysical usher, now accommodated here as this physical human-being? My friend, sixty-seven years ago I asked myself the hereby obvious question; Why am I here? This reverberating query, wherever I went, turned my maturing stage after stage in one of ongoing inner surveys and upgrades. Like a dedicated researcher I kept collecting data from my life, mind, emotions and unfolding aptitudes in this Earthly ambiance; ever on the quest for, what practicum comes next?

I have named my notations along the years: Records and Reminders of a Cosmic Pilgrim. This book is the first selection from these multilayered files. It is about my early years of observing and analyzing myself as this body-spirit-Soul edifice, my family here as the base-camp and this terrestrial world as the field of vocation.

*Cosmic reminder: “Our mundane memories are trivial until we can distill from these the supplements for our perpetual Soul within to morph and mature, and become an alert stakeholder and active cocreator; now on this terrestrial plane and later on back home. So, never erase any of your memories unless you have transmuted the included energies and in-formation to upgrade your presence and powers; in every dimension of your life.” -AA Sadhoe-

The Author: a Maverick Mystic

The author, AA Sadhoe, seventy-one years of age now, is born and still living in a multi-creeds and multi-cultures nation in the making. It is part of the Amazonian rain-forests on the NE coast of South-America; so, not in the East nor in the West.

He is father of five children and grandfather of also five, grandchildren. His ancestors’ roots are in India. He and his six siblings are the second generation of the family-tree who is born in the diaspora; far from the cradles of perennial wisdom traditions and teachings. Both his parents were successful entrepreneurs and he grew up as the eldest son of a privileged family.

Since his initial memories he has been familiar with a wide range of novel aptitudes which he entitles to be our Natural Higher Zenzes. This evolutionary unfolding next batch of our extending aptitudes are nowadays known, widely practiced and studied as Out of Body Explorations, RV, NDE, ESP, PK, Energy Transmissions, Instant Healing, and alike.

From early age on he started to study the collection of religious, esoteric, mystic’ and more books from his father’ universalist’ library at home. That these were mainly in languages from the mid and far East did not withhold him, an eager, full force probing introvert. Soon enough he was linking the initial minds of those ancient writers, messengers, philosophers and alike. In the meanwhile he also engaged with his common school-education, up to attending a university abroad.

Nearing his forties a dreadful nerve-damage forced him to withdraw from all his activities as a busy entrepreneur in the outside world. He retreated inwards and soon realized that our common ‘Why am I here?’ query consists of three essentials; I, Here and only then the Why. Thus, for any of his further inquiries to be worthwhile he ought to know every feature and faculty of himself first, as this body-spirit-Soul edifice here. And for Here to have any solid ground, it needs to be interlinked with There, for which he was so profoundly homesick.

Cosmic reminder: When we awaken as the attending Soul within this transitory yet highly advanced human-body, no detail, drive and ongoing dynamics in God’ grand Creation remains spiritual, esoteric, hidden or ineffable in any way.” -AA Sadhoe-

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Table of Content E book 01:

Practical Prospects from A Modern Mystic

Preface – 2
Table of Contents – 3
My Arrival Here – 4
Oblivious Infant – 7
My Soul’ Fertile Soil – 9
Inner Explorations – 10
A Son’ Mother – 16
Field of Vocation – 18
My Liberation – 20
Born to be a Rebel – 32
From Rebel to Shaman – 42
Jinn vs Genius – 46
Meeting the Shaman – 51
Surjestan on the Rise? – 60
A Human’ Progeny – 63
Pa, why are we here? – 67

Baas Rahiem’ Lectures Curtailed – 77
Flashback from Human’ History – 83
Initially: only Feminine Temples – 86
Ever Evolving Aptitudes – 96
Perpetual Pathway – 99
Practical Prospects – 100
Awakening Generations – 102
Itemizing Cognizance – 105
My ‘Why am I Here? – 109
Quest for Common Ground – 121
Preface Selection 2 – 124

Format: E book
Total Word-count: 40.000 words

Sample Chapters Book 01: Practical Prospects

In the morning I woke-up with the self-confidence, thoughts and feelings of the three years young child as being my own notions; inwards and outwards. I was familiar with everything in the quiet room where I had been sleeping in a medium-size infants’ bed. Early morning light illuminated the room through the glassed twin windows on my right-hand side. There, on the outside windowsill a small blue bird with a yellow chest was twittering as loud as she could. Her whole body was thrusting the song out of her tiny neck and bill. In a flash of fully being awake, I remembered her and her re-bonding song which she was tweeting every daybreak for me. Soon as I sat up and glanced at her, she flew away; as she did every morning, leaving me on my own.

A blurred recollection of some event which I had been through in the freshly passed night entered my, like every morning activating daily-mind. The ambiguous memory was noted and instantly put aside. My attention went to my plans and promises to myself for the new day as I had placed these before falling asleep last evening. I was comfortable with everything I could see, hear, smell and sense from the outside and could notice from within myself, sitting in bed and reaching my hand out to touch my toes.

Every new day was a doorway to new adventures, discoveries and practicing with some newly unfolding aptitudes. I knew exactly where I was in the house and where everyone else of the family had been, or still were sleeping. I knew where the stair was to reach the kitchen; from where the aroma was inviting me for pancakes and warm coco-milk. I heard a voice calling from downstairs and instantly recognized it as that of my mom, with her wake-up-call for my two elder sisters who would shortly leave for kindergarten. ‘Get up girls! Fix your bed and go brush your teeth! Use the clean towels which I ….’.

Gratefully-happy that I was definitely in a familiar world, I jumped out of my bed and into the flow of my daily life as a young child. Like every morning I was ready to fully enjoy the new day and explore the world one long day further. With a content smile and small yet firm steps, I walked down the stairway, crossed the living-room and entered the kitchen. This was the coziest meeting place of the family; where food, drinks and sweets were prepared by my mom and we all enjoyed on the long rectangle table; talking or quietly eating. Mom served us always with plenty of encouragements to fully fill our belly and welly. And that is what I did in those good old days of my early childhood.

With every new sun I woke up as a courageous explorer of this vibrantly living world which I shared with so many others in house, and a lot of guests in the garden; emerging from the dew-wetted soil, crawling on the ground, leaping from flower to flower or flying through the air. All had their life-stories and dreams to share with me.

As naïve yet utmost curious infants, we perceived limitless information from the surrounding ambiance and biosphere. Then we learn an utmost limiting language as the tool for thinking and talking; within or with one another. To be accepted by the society, is our early mind forced to use only the, for everyone else tangible sounds, sign and signals. So, from processing every frequency and vibration is our mind speedily downgraded to engaging with only data from the five basic, sole on survival focused human-senses. Soon after that, is our awareness further demoted; from being an emphatic fellow-human, to acting as a member of a segregated branch. More filters (biological chips?) become installed in our nerve-channels and sensory organs, tainting our mind and memories. We disconnect from our Soul-powers and possibilities and even expel all our celestial connections.

Pg. 20: My Liberation?
I was six years of age when my grandpa Faïz came to stay for a while with us, the family of his eldest son. Every relative respectfully entitled or talked about him as Abbah. To us, his grandchildren it was taught to name him ‘Dada’; which simply implies that he is the father of our father. Our mother` father is entitled, Nana. Dada had been a teenage-rebel on the run when he decided to migrate from India to here, the tropical rain-forests of Amazonia; seven oceans away from his father’ home, as he later on measured the voyage with a sailing-vessel.

The subcontinent India was in his days still subjugated and leeched on by the United Kingdom. He was the eldest son of a regionally recognized family who lived in their ancestor’ mountain-village in the Northeast of India; where he was known as an ever-gentle, always supportive youngster. Still he had on an early afternoon attacked, with a cutlass, a group of patrolling UK soldiers who carried riffles with long bayonets on the barrel. They had been molesting his village’ women who were with pitchers on their hips heading for the river nearby to fetch water. Dada, returning earlier then usual from his family’ greenery, with the cutlass in his hand, took it in an abrupt outburst of rebellion as his duty to protect the ladies against the foreign imposters. The soldiers, trained for combat, first parried his attacks with their riffles and then shot several rounds at him. Miraculously Dada managed to escape unharmed from the scene and fled into the village’ cornfields.

His dearest aunt, eldest sister of his father, at whose nearby village he ran to seek refuge, advised him to flee further north into the Himalayan front hills. He should stay there with his elder nephews who were herding their family’ sheep there. His uncle was certain that the UK soldiers would not dare to go that far off-track to capture him. She handed him some fruits in a knotted towel and urged him to leave immediately; and hurry to get as far as possible before the soldiers could organize a man-hunt.

It had been many years since Dada, as a young kid with his father, had been that far into the higher hills. He knew how to keep a certain direction, even at night yet had not memorized specific clues to follow; and his father had back then not mentioned any of these. While he steadfast kept running, away from a life-threat and, from the prior safe and worries-free coziness of his father’ home, he was torn by the precognition that he was departing forever from his birth-village. Still, for not one breath did he hesitate; and as always welcomed the early daybreak on the hills with confidence and further impelling curiosity.

Was it merely his personal fate which was distancing him from the ambiance and therein everyone who had nourished his body, mind and spirit since he was born? Or was there a deeper calling included in the future which he was heading for? Such as my spirit’ liberation, two generations later? All of his prior life-experiences, parent’ guidance, family’ lessons and personally gathered local knowledge had formed his self-image and day after day empowered his self-esteem. That collection of thumbnails in his memories had been a solid database for his self-image; and there he was, leaving all of that behind and moving on to a new inner horizon. Was he sufficiently prepared for such a sudden departure from his accustomed environment and hurry through this opened black-hole in his life, into an unknown future far ahead? He did not care, his confidence was sturdy, his courage unshaken, and his determination to keep his further life independent from outside forces, rock-solid. As long he felt the flow of his inborn powers streaming through his body and enveloping energy-field, he would keep striding towards his, with every step forwards, further compacting destiny.

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