Mastering the fullest for Our Life. Rise!

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May Peace

May Peace embrace all of we
For in Peace there is the Freedom
Which awakens our Souls to Rise
Reconnect with our One Source

Stay active


Seek the In-Sights that connects
Our Heart with every one’s Soul
Seek the Wisdom that unites All
Spirits in this world and beyond

Get involved

All of We

Rise above language and words
Ever playful with Sparkling Joy
Explore Life with a Grateful Heart.
Welcome Everyone with Open Arms

GOLD of the SOUL: Sacred Awakening

The earthly evolution-processes have brought every component and capacity of our human-embodiment to completion. All related drives and dynamics, plus the capacity to individually upgrade and improve every aspect and facet of this compacted Soul-facilitation on Earth is now in our own hands.

Every morning increasing numbers of fellow-humans recover themselves as drifting in a cosmic stream of Life-powers. Every new sun shines a further uplifting light which invites to step outside the dated mind- & emotion-box. Every morning a step further, our dreams turn out to be vivid visions; which can easily be expressed in valid predictions and feasible plans. A previously unimaginable harmonious future begins to unfold in everyone’s heart and Soul. Every morning a whispered invitation is perceived; to rise and see and hear with new eyes and ears.

From ascetics to zillionairs, and everyone in between, are waking up with excitement and enthusiasm to discover in every new day, some sign or signal for how to proceed with their Pilgrimation. They intuit that with them, as part of the whole, all of humanity have reached the portal for their individual Soul’s awakening; from being completely oblivious, like an unborn human-infant-mind, and transcend their presence, personality and potentials to cosmic proportions.

Merged in this conscious-awareness of God’s Greatness, are grace and gratitude overflowing our heart with celebrating hymns. All are eagerly, many even anxiously, ready to enter this next portal into the passage of upgrading life-processes;
and make the Gold of the Soul definitely their own.

*Cosmic Pilgrim*
From my upcoming book: Records and Reminders of a Cosmic Pilgrim

#the-basics #self-discovery #self-education #self-transcendence #self-achievements
Always Happy Together
‘Till now we have used our primary learning-loop;
from and into the past. Now that we are top-evolved
we take on the challenge to convert this learning loop
into a co-creating loop; from and into the future.’
*Cosmic Pilgrim*

Top-Evolved Youman: Rising into the next phase of our sacred presence on this living Planet 

As a father and grandfather of sixty-eight now, a well-educated literate, and a life-long dedicated explorer of our esoteric, subconscious and fully-conscious life-energies, drives and dynamics, I have come to the conclusion that our human-embodiment is top-evolved now. Every fabric, part and portion of this multi-compounded human-vessel is completed, properly placed and neatly interconnected to function perfectly for our subsequently upgrading health, for expanding wakefulness and capabilities for our cosmic-life’s thriving.

The finalizing processes, which are left for every person individually to accomplish is in one-word; Self-Soul-Activation. This is parallel with the way that we, as new-born human-infants, needed to learn and practice our physical, mental and other carnal-capabilities.

Every Soul, our sacred core within this human-phase of our development, regardless of physical age, race, weight etc. is now fully developed and ready for their rebirthing, take over the control over this facilitation and start learning and working on our self-activation; in subsequently extending volumes of presence, personality and potentialities. Signs and signals, guidance and practices for these can be found around every corner of this, already re-sprouting world.

While our children grow up, we grow old and the opportunities to update one another personally with newly gathered wisdom and information swiftly pass away. Now I built this web-chalet, with building-materials from my personal Records and Reminders, for my children and grandchildren; while they are growing up in this completely new world anno 2020 and up. In my fatherhood are you, reading this now, also included. Take what resonates directly with your Soul; and leave the rest to stream further through the frequencies of verbalized human-consciousness.

*Cosmic Pilgrim*
From: Records and Reminders of a Cosmic Pilgrim
#the-basics #self-discovery #self-education #self-transcendence #self-achievements

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To manage our full presence, personality and all our innate potentialities and rise to extended view on this world and our cosmic purpose for being a fellow-human now, we need all the details ….


You are the best teacher you can find, and affort day and night, for yourself while you grow up to your full potentials; and work on your further self-activation in this fellow-human-ship on this living planet Earth ….


Life is in every realm, from this ultimately compacted to the most subtle ones, an ongoing loop-process of creation, feedback and innovations; which we know as  growing up, transcending out of ….

Join this new branch of Research and Science for Self-Development; and an everlasting, prosperous future for All.

The Big Map of God’s Grand Design is an immense jigsaw puzzle; even for the most wakeful Souls among us. Our advantage as a wakeful human is that we are one piece in this puzzle. Our potential as wakeful fellow-humans, connected from every corner of this earthly world and atmosphere, is that we can fit our individual pieces into a bigger part of the cosmic puzzle; and begin to see our purpose from an extending perception … 


App Design & Development for Sharing our Gold of unique inner explorations and records

The biggest portion of the cosmos consists of Dark (unknown) Matter and undefined energies. In a similarly degree is the biggest portion of our complete presence unknown to us.
Scholars of esoteric records say that we are completely oblivious of our own presence and potentials. 
I disagree with them; we know plenty of ourselves to work ourselves further into a vivid light. The leap that we need to make is to look at ourselves from an elevated perspective (with unfiltered zenzes), give our words new meanings and advance our common language; for a transcending understanding of this world, of this human-body as our highly sophisticated accommodation …. 

My WORLD, WALK, WORK and Wishes for All of We

Records & Reminders from my Pilgrimation

Texts to be selected and published here…

The Road to and the Foundation of the
Cosmic Bridge 

Fase 1

of Bridging the body-mind with
the activating-Soul-Mind

The Cosmic Bridge

Fase 2

The Bridge between  the earthly-mind and the now accelerated activating

The Path to Bright  Wakefulness

Fase  3

Path & Practices for the Awakening Cosmic-Souls to keep transcending their Presence, Personality and Potentialities


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Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

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Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

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Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before,

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